6+ Best Backyard Renovations to Inspire You


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Whether your dream backyard is designed for entertaining a crowd or just relaxing with a good book, our landscaping and remodeling pros pull out all the stops to take these backyards from blah to breathtaking.

Backyard landscaping designs

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Backyard kitchen ideas that will blow your mind

Tired of boring cookouts and hauling food in and out of the house? It’s time to level up your backyard with a dream outdoor kitchen! Get ready for sizzling steaks, fire-roasted pizzas, and cocktails under.

Diy backyard paradise budget-conscious ideas for your outdoor haven

Unlock the secrets to transforming your backyard into a budget-friendly oasis! Discover tips to create a lush lawn that will be the envy of your neighbors, plus clever DIY ideas to elevate your outdoor space without breaking the bank. From cozy seating areas to enchanting lighting, get ready to create a backyard paradise that will have you spending every moment outdoors.

DIY modern pergola for the backyard

This modern pergola is a great backyard addition! Click to see the DIY tutorial and the exact hardware we used to create it.

Garden design seating area with fire pit diy backyard patio

I am Landscape Architect Hülya, I have come to you with a magnificent veranda and gazebo design. A magnificently stylish modern gazebo that will suit your backyard or your front garden. It will be a very stylish gathering area that can be used in summer and winter. I hope you and your family can accumulate wonderful memories together. And the great news is, if you like it very much but there are details that don’t suit you and you don’t know how to do it, I give you design support and we shape it the way you want, just once.

Recessed dek dot low voltage led straight riser light

Measuring just under 1 inch diameter each (0.9 inch), DOTs are the smallest, brightest lights you can add to your deck. They install flush with the surface, and feature waterproof construction and transparent acrylic covers to last through years of rain, snow and foot traffic. Don’t be fooled by their dainty appearance, because DOTs are mighty bright and tough. Build with the newest LED technology, they’ll deliver countless years of trouble-free service. For easy installation, be sure to use the 23 millimeter Forstner Bit For Dekor Lighting, designed for Dekor lighting.

Stepping stones

Introducing our captivating Concrete Stepping Stones, where playful elegance meets endless possibilities. With a mesmerizing palette of 17 different colors, these stepping stones offer a delightful opportunity to unleash your creativity. Mix and match shades to design a whimsical path that harmonizes with your surroundings, adding a touch of sophistication and joyful flair to any outdoor space.


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