27+ Best Kitchen Counter Decorating Ideas Which Makes You Happy When Cooking


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Your kitchen counters are the workhorses of the room, constantly being used for meal prep, serving up snacks, and holding cooking essentials. But that doesn’t mean they can’t also be stylish! With some creative decorating, your counters can do double-duty – keeping things functional while also looking worthy of a magazine spread.

Too often, we put all our focus on the bigger kitchen elements like cabinets, appliances and backsplashes. But those wide open counter spaces offer the perfect blank canvas for injecting personality and flair. The key is selecting decor items that enhance the overall aesthetic, while still being practical enough for everyday use.

Ready to transform your counters from drab to fab? Here are 27+ kitchen counter decorating ideas that marry beauty and utility. From quick simple updates to totally overhauling the look, you’ll find plenty of inspiring tips and examples. Your counters are about to get the glow-up they deserve!

Add a Chalkboard

Display a chalkboard on a stand on the counter to write out seasonal recipes, grocery lists or cheery messages. It adds a fun personal touch!

Add Faux Greenery

Faux greenery brings an earthy and fresh vibe to the kitchen – and is zero maintenance! We really like faux eucalyptus and faux olive tree plants to style the kitchen counters with.

Add Modern Organic Style Decor

Display earthy vases and bowls in a organic color palette with wood cutting boards and accents for a truly organic modern vibe.

Arrange a Tea Set Vignette

For a cozy morning coffee or tea corner, style a tray with a pretty teapot, mugs, sugar bowl and other accessories.

Arrange an Oils & Vinegars Tray

Gather your favorite olive oils, vinegars and liquid seasonings on a stylish tray for easy access while cooking. Choose complementary bottles for a cohesive look.

Arrange Tea Towels on Display

Roll of fold up neutral tea towels and place them on a wood cutting board, basket or dough bowl as a decorative and handy accent.

Create a Baking Station

If you love to bake, set up a dedicated baking corner with your stand mixer, utensils, and decorative measuring cups and spoons within easy reach.

Create a Cookbooks Vignette

Arrange a few of your favorite cookbooks alongside a wooden cutting board, utensils, and a bowl of fresh produce for an appetizing display that doubles as practical décor.

Cultivate a Windowsill Garden

If your kitchen counters get great light, use a windowsill planter box to grow fresh greens, herbs or even small vegetables. They’ll thrive and look wonderful!

Display a Potted Herb Garden

Cluster small pots of fresh herbs like basil, rosemary and thyme in a rustic wooden planter box on a counter corner. The greenery looks lovely and the herbs are conveniently located for cooking.

Display Antique Copper/Brass

Incorporate a collection of antique copper pots, vases and trays on your counters for an earthy, timeworn appeal.

Display Ceramic Mixing Bowls

A set of ceramic mixing bowls in vibrant colors instantly brightens up kitchen counters when not in use for baking. Stack them artfully or arrange separately.

Display Colorful Mugs

Arrange a tray of vibrantly colored ceramic or enamel camping-style mugs for a cheery, rustic touch.

Display Decorative Spice Jars

Uniform glass or ceramic jars filled with vibrant spices offer gorgeous color and texture. Label them for an organized look that makes cooking a breeze.

Display Favorite Wines

Keep your favorite bottles on display and within reach by displaying them on the counter in a vignette with other items. It’s an eye-catching and functional design element.

Display Pampas Grass

Pampas grass brings the outdoors in to your kitchen! It’s an easy way to add a boho and earthy feel with decor and you can easily find faux pampas grass in home decor stores!

Display Seasonal Fruit Bowls

Seasonal fruit bowls are not only decorative but functional. They add a colorful flair to your counter. Whether it’s a bowl of lemons, apples or oranges, their unique colors makes them a distinctive display piece.

Fill Decorative Jars with Snacks

Large clear jars filled with nuts, granola, pretzels, crackers or other dry snacks make for both pretty decor and easily accessible nibbles.

Fill Glass Jars with Pastas

Clear apothecary jars or other glass containers filled with dried pastas, lentils or grains offer subtle color and texture.

Floral Bouquets

You can’t go wrong with beautiful flowers in a neutral vase in the kitchen. This gorgeous element keeps things feeling fresh on the counter.

Hang Kitchen Wall Art

Liven up bare wall space above the counters with framed illustrations, prints or paintings depicting fruits, vegetables or idyllic kitchen scenes.

Highlight a Cutting Board

A large wood cutting board or round bread board can serve as the base for an entire decorative vignette or be left blank as a simple focal point.

Marble Tray With Decor

A marble tray makes a lovely decorative accent piece on the counter. Look for unique designs with gold or silver accents to add some glam.

Set Up a Cocktail Bar

If you’re a mixologist at heart, style a tray with an array of spirits, cocktail tools, and chic glassware for a home bar vibe on the counter.

Set Up a Coffee Station

Designate an area for your coffee maker, mugs, and fixings so everything is within reach for your morning brew ritual. Pretty canisters for sugars and syrups add an extra stylish touch.

Showcase Vintage Bakeware

Dig out those vintage tins, ceramic baking dishes, or quirky utensils from years past and arrange them on your counter. This celebrates kitchen nostalgia while adding intriguing textures.

Showcase Vintage Tins

Well-loved vintage tins, boxes and canisters with logos and graphics provide nostalgic decoration when clustered together.

Style a Wine & Cheese Tray

For a touch of European cafe culture, set up a tray with assorted cheeses, crusty bread, grapes and a decanter of wine.


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