10+ Best Bedroom Refresh Ideas to Refresh Your Relaxing Retreat


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Is your bedroom feeling a little blah lately? As a busy mom and self-taught home decorator, I know how easy it is for your personal oasis to get neglected amidst all the chaos of life. But I’ve also learned that giving your bedroom a little refresh can work wonders for your mood and mindset.

Over the years of tackling room makeovers, I’ve picked up tons of budget-friendly bedroom refresh ideas, tips and tricks to breathe new life into tired spaces.

So let’s get into 10+ easy ways you can give your bedroom a well-deserved glow-up without breaking the bank!

Add a Patterned Rug

Anchor your bedroom with a fun, patterned area rug. It’ll add some major visual interest and really help define the space.

A vintage-inspired kilim or classic Persian print can look so chic underfoot. The neutral cream rug with subtle diamond detailing really pulls our space together.

Add Fresh Greenery

There’s just something about adding a little natural greenery that livens up a space. Bring home a couple low-maintenance houseplants (I love faux eucalyptus and ZZ plants!) and pop them on your dresser or nightstand.

Or fill some vases with fresh flowers from the grocery store. I always keep a potted plant and budding flowers in our bedroom – it makes it feel so lush and cheerful.

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Carve out a little sanctuary in your bedroom with a comfy chair, good reading light, and a stylish side table. Scour secondhand stores for a cute accent chair, then top it off with some plush throws and pillows.

It’s the perfect spot to unwind with your latest book club read. It’s super cozy and easy to tuck a tufted armchair into the corner by the window and top it with a sheepskin throw. A dainty floor lamp adds some cozy lighting for diving into novels at night.

Create a Gallery Wall

Turn that bare wall space into a curated gallery with some of your favorite artwork, photos, mirrors and decorative pieces. Lean into an eclectic, collected-over-time vibe by mixing and matching frames.

Or create a more streamlined look with matching frames in a grid layout. Gallery walls add so much visual interest and personality. Or you could go with a mix of vintage paintings, family photos, and pretty prints.

Declutter Those Surfaces

When was the last time you did a deep nightstand cleaning? Take some time to purge any unnecessary clutter from your bedroom surfaces. Having a tidy, streamlined space will instantly make the room feel fresher.

Contain any essentials in some chic boxes or trays. In my own bedroom, I use some cute woven baskets to corral things like magazines, chargers, and my sleep essentials on the nightstand top or in a drawer.

Hang Some New Wall Art

If your current wall decor is looking a little sad, it’s probably time for an update. Hang up some new framed prints, a fun mirror, or a DIY wall hanging.

You could even create a gallery wall of all your favorite memories and pieces. I recently made a little gallery wall in our room with some thrifted frames and art prints – it makes the space feel so personalized!

Incorporate New Textures

Mixing different textures like knits, wovens, and faux fur can add so much coziness and depth. Try a chunky knit blanket, some linen curtains, or a plush area rug.

Just be sure to balance out any heavier materials with lighter elements too. Our bedroom layers a thick knit throw, a linen duvet, and a shaggy pampas grass area rug for major cozy points.

Install an Upholstered Headboard

Give your bed a major focal point with a plush upholstered headboard. You can go bold with a fun patterned fabric or keep it classic with a linen or velvet. A tufted design adds extra coziness.

Headboards help define the space and make it feel so luxe. We recently installed a tall arched headboard in a greige and it completely transformed the room.

Paint One Accent Wall

A fresh coat of paint is one of the most cost-effective ways to dramatically transform a room. But who has time for painting every single wall?

Try doing just one accent wall in a bold, moody hue. It’s an easy weekend project that’ll pack a serious punch. Deep forest green accent walls are trending right now, it looks so luxe.

Rearrange That Furniture

Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging to breathe new life into your layout. Pull the bed out from the wall, angle it differently, or switch out your nightstands.

Get creative with placement – you may just uncover a whole new vibe. In our old place, floating the bed gave us enough space to add two comfy chairs and make a cozy conversation nook.

Restyle Your Nightstands

Use some books, vases, and decorative boxes to artfully style up your nightstands. But be sure to leave room for nightly essentials too! A cute tray can help corral clutter.

I like to keep it simple with a small vase of fresh flowers, my current read, and a little ceramic dish for rings on each side.

Style Up Some New Pillows

Throw pillows are the oldest trick in the book for an instant bedroom revamp. But they really can make a huge difference!

Mix and match sizes, textures, and colors for a curated but cozy vibe. I love scooping up cheap pillow covers and stuffing them for endless mix-and-match options.

One of my go-to formulas is to start with a set of two Euro shams, then add a lumbar pillow and a couple decorative throw pillows in various patterns and materials.

Switch Out Your Bedding

There’s nothing quite like fresh, crisp sheets to make you feel like you’re sleeping in a luxury hotel suite. Swap out your tired bedding for a new all white duvet cover set in a fun print or calming color palette.

You can find great deals at places like Target, Home Goods, or even online retailers like Amazon. We love this super affordable duvet from Amazon!

Try a New Light Fixture

That sad old ceiling fixture has got to go! Swap it out for a stylish new one that’ll cast a warm, inviting glow over the whole room. Bonus points if you DIY an eye-catching pendant light or funky table lamps.

We recently installed a modern black lantern light in place of the old boob light, and it adds such a cool moody vibe.

Update Your Window Treatments

Say goodbye to those dusty old curtains! New window treatments can seriously elevate a space. I’m a huge fan of neutral breezy curtains that let in lots of natural light.

I really love these linen pinch pleated curtains from Amazon. You can’t beat the price.

You can also check out discount retailers like IKEA or online retailers for affordable finds. Hanging some airy linen sheers in your bedroom can make the whole space feel so light and dreamy.


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